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I have the same issue here. Would be great if you can tell me how you fixed it. Respect my work. Remove the zip from filedropper, please. Hi Dan! I could install Visual Studio Ent.

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But the MSDN menu is available and it works. OS is Windows 10 64 bits. Thank you. Great article. I am able to compile and run a large program with several 3rd party active x controls that I installed separately. But when I click on the square button in the IDE to stop execution of my program I get the following message. Automation error The Callee server [not server application] is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call may have executed.

Can't install VS while running with -noweb switch - Developer Community

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Do you have any suggestions to help me eliminate these problems? I solved one of the problems. I am using VSInstaller v 4.

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  • I wish to inform you that this blog is not officially related to my instrument. Thank you to Dan for the excellent tutorial, but I want to specify that this blog is not the official forum of VS6Installer 4.

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    If you have problems, after following the tutorial of Dan, then you have to contact the Official FORUM which is available on my website:. As user of VS6Installer 4. Thank you for your attention. To Giorgio Brausi. I am quite suspicious of this registration process especially since the registration page is not secure https. What can I do to get past this registration process and download the app? The suggested pripose is to fix anomalies in the graphic designer of the IDE.

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    • Believe me, these anomalies are nothing compared to the damage left in your windows registry when VB6. EXE is run in compatibility mode. When VB6. Unfortunately, when VB6. It leaves VBKeySave5 there, which causes your IDE to take much longer during subsequent starts of the IDE, and it trashes your registry, eventually rendering your application not-runnable on your machine. HI Wagner Thanks a lot. I was supporting some legacy app for a client and wasted a shit load of time on compiling and running.

      Its takes sooo much time.. Thanks a ton!

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      I used the install a few months back and it worked perfect. I just tried to install on a second machine and my end point protection found many Trojan malware risks. I am not sure if these are false positives, but I am now scanning my first machine. I notice a comment by CoachBlair Wagner about compatibility mode being dangerous to the registry.

      Yet there are supposedly people who have used this.

      How to find the activation code, serial key of any software - -must watch any software activate

      Anybody else seen this problem? I just installed and have only compiled one program which i installed on another machine. Looks OK so far.

      After I took ownership of that registry key and gave my user full control keeping the installer running in the process , it worked. I have since exit it. Can I still locate this registry location? Good article. I wonder if my working instance of VB6 will survive in-place upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10? This works with VBA in Office as well, which is great for those who occasionally need to dip into that area. Worked perfectly.

      This did the trick, and I have an uninstall option to boot. I installed VB6 enterprise regularly on Windows Virtual Machine. Then I copied the contents of XP: c:program filesmicrosoft visual studio over W c:program files x86 microsoft visual studio. No changes to registry. SP6 shows on splash screen. Everything works fine. Same worked for me. Just had two problems. Installation froze at the end.

      Microsoft Visual Studio

      I ignored. Automation error. Ran as admin and it disappeared. Unfortunately The latest version of this tool has some issues for some people, myself included. I was very pleased to find this solution because we developed in the a quite complex program in VB6. It is planned to replace it within the next 3 or 4 years.

      So I was happy to see that it is not necessary to Keep my XP alive. Unfortunately the installation program from the nuke vbcorner does not run on none of my computers all Windows 10, some Home Edition, some pro, on all machines all updates driven. All installation are with german language.

      I posted it at vbcorner, I am the third with the same Problem. No answer since See below the screenshots. Does anyone have experience? Thank you, Squirrl. It seems to me that this installer is not necessary at all. What can I do? I seem to be able to create them the hard-way. As in an text-editor.