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They gave you quite a backstory with Lujack being the long-lost son of Alexandra Spaulding the late, great Beverlee McKinsey. I loved working with Judi and I loved working with Beverlee. You moved on to roles in other genres and came back to daytime on Santa Barbara.

I came back to Guiding Light in when [the late] Bob Calhoun was the executive producer. I had recently starred in Lucky Chances , the Jackie Collins mini-series, when Bob wanted to talk to me about coming back onto the show. Six months later, he did.

There were discussions about the storyline and I came back, but within no time both Bob and James had left the show! I loved getting to work with Beverlee again.

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I always enjoyed working with pros including [the late] Larry Gates H. They set the bar with their work ethic. I was inspired by all of them. I feel very fortunate and blessed. Vincent Irizarry as Dr. PFLAG offers counseling and support to families and friends of gays and lesbians. A household name in the world of consciousness, Gawain became an established author of self-discovery books and was a guest on one of the first episodes of "The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Ann Eliaser , the former national committeewoman for California and one of the first women to break into the hermetically sealed male world of politics in the s and '60s, died on Oct. After she emigrated to the United States with her family, she spent most of her time as a Holocaust educator.

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Kent Rosenblum , dubbed the "King of Zinfandel" and one of the pioneers in the modern California Zinfandel movement, died on Sept. In , an unexpected purchase of Zinfandel grapes from a Napa Valley grower launched his family into stardom. Judge Miriam E. Wolff, the first woman to be the director of the Port of San Francisco, died on August 27, at age She was one of just three women in Stanford Law School's graduating class of , and a trailblazer for women in the legal profession.

David Wiegand , an assistant managing editor who led the San Francisco Chronicle's arts and entertainment coverage for decades, died April 29, A beloved member of the Bay Area arts community, Wiegand won the O. Henry Award for his short story, "Buffalo Safety. Marty Balin , founding member of psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane, died on Sept.

A Pop Culture Guide to Charles Manson: The Movies, Books, TV Shows, and Podcasts You Should Know

Dwight Clark , the 49ers wide receiver known for his role in "The Catch" — the most influential play in 49ers' history — died June 4, at 61, 15 months after announcing he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Price Cobbs , a seminal psychiatrist who co-authored the best-selling book "Black Rage" — an analysis of the psychological trauma of slavery and racism against black people — died on June 25, at age Goldstein ran the series for 37 years before her daughter took over.

The series boasted an established roaster of interviewees and interviewers — from Terry Gross to Paul Simon to Patti Smith to Bruce Springsteen — before a live audience of up to , people annually. Charles Gain , one of the most contentious police chiefs in San Francisco's history, died Aug. Mayor George Moscone appointed Gain police chief in and served for the next four years, which included Moscone and Harvey Milk's assassinations and the Jim Jones mass killings. Stanhope Gould , an investigative reporter and TV news field producer who directed Walter Cronkite through some of the most significant news events of the s and '70s, died in late August of at the age of John Perry Barlow , a cyber-libertarian activist and former lyricist for the Grateful Dead, died on Feb 7 at age The concept was a hit; everyone from Robin Williams to Todd Rundgren attended before the building was sold in and later reopened as Amoeba Music.

Hershey died April 6 at age Eli Leon , an Oakland psychotherapist who quit his practice to become a renown scholar and collector of African American quilts, died March 6 at age Coincidentally, the third baseman died on the same day as another former third basemen for the Giants, Jose Castillo. The VR-optional adventure is more like one of Rick and Morty co-creator and Squanch Games co-founder Justin Roiland's fever dreams than a game, and that's precisely why it's such a raunchy, hilarious time. Inviting players to set off on an intergalactic quest to retrieve the titular Trover's dogs from an evil creature named Glorkon, this platformer pulls out all the stops to make you question just about everything you see along the way.

Trover himself is an "eyehole monster" who uses "power babies" shoved into said eyeholes to gain new powers. Glorkon has done the same with Trover's dogs and is plotting something nefarious. Only you, a chair-bound alien called a "Chairorpian," have what it takes to aid Trover in bringing his dogs back and restoring peace to the universe.

The Yakuza series is consistently home to some of the most exciting RPG gameplay out there, and its spinoff Judgment is no different. This side story is not only a great way to jump into the franchise, but an exciting affair in its own right.

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Players jump into the shoes of former lawyer Takayuki Yagami as he pursues a new career: private detective. He soon finds himself on the tail of a serial killer committing grisly murders all around the town of Kamurocho, and it's up to you to figure out who the culprit is — and potentially clear Yagami's name following the case that left him disgraced years ago. Anyone could be a suspect, and there's a person of interest around every corner, but Yagami is never too busy to hit up the arcade or get in some drone racing, the precise brand of silliness that makes Yakuza , and now Judgment , work so well.