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It might be cheeky pin-up girls, historic corsets, sexy heels, romantic perfume bottles, gorgeous bathing ladies, framed personalities, colourful flowerpots, shelves of books and many many other things - whatever takes your fancy, we have the right wall treatment for you! There are no limits to your imagination with the patterns and motifs in our Wallpaper Shop.

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Fans of cats - or those who think of our feline friends are magical creatures - will be delighted by our beautiful wallpapers with black cats; the striking design creates a pleasing geometry. Gigantic flamingos in bright colours, large-scale animal prints, beautiful birds straight out of Peter Pan's fairy tale world, cute little lap dogs, stylised orange foxes on a pink background or a whole gallery of wild African animals - the animal kingdom was never more colourful, varied and exotic than in our many exclusive design wallpapers.

Pop-Art, Op-Art, surreal art, impressionism, expressionism - our large selection of designer wallpapers is just as varied and multi-faceted as the art world has been during the last few centuries. Baroque, Art Nouveau, Art Deco - these styles will always influence wallpaper design, which is why you can find a huge array of stunning examples in our Wallpaper Shop. There is but a fine line between kitsch and art.

And what is wrong with a bit of sentimentality - it can be both lovely and exciting! Dream landscapes that you thought only exist in our imagination, romantic and surreal scenarios, popular motifs depicted in a slightly exaggerated manner, mixed with a generous dose of provocative decadence - funky wallpapers are not trying to be to everybody's taste, they refuse to be pigeon-holed.

Are you a fan of graphic patterns and geometric shapes? Of contrasting colours and optical illusions? We can help you with that. Inspired by the s, s or s but with a modern twist, or bang-on-trend in true 21st century style with outer space touches, abstract patterns or unusual colour combinations: We offer exceptional wall treatments that will add a symmetric or asymmetric centre-point to any room. Material imitations of wood, metal, stone, concrete, ceramics provide fascinating shapes and structures as well as trendy colours and can breathe new life into homes or business premises.

As humans, colours have an impact on us, our well-being and our emotional states. Funky wallpapers are therefore defined by their colour combinations which are both unusual and innovative. Clever design ensures that strong contrast colours and hitherto unseen colour combos create a completely new harmony that magically attracts the gaze.

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Black and hues of brown or grey are suddenly afforded a new lease of life and complement a large number of interior design styles perfectly. Materials that provide special effects and structures, play with the light in the most surprising ways, or make a welcome change as a natural counterpoint to the synthetic world around us, are another significant feature of exceptional wallpapers.

Our huge range includes natural wallpapers, textile wallpapers, flock wallpapers, crush wallpapers, effect foil wallpapers, metal wallpapers, imitation leather wallpapers, and glass bead wallpapers. Each surface material has its own strikingly unique characteristics. Nature wallpapers feature natural material structures which can provide a room with many different effects.

Textile fabrics with beautiful details, for instance as crush or flock models, create unforgettable haptic and visual experiences. Imitation leather wallpapers lend a touch of exotic luxury and can provide a futuristic element. Three-dimensional space and fantasy influences can be found in funky metal and effect foil wallpapers. Mirror effects, light reflections, shimmer and shine, rainbow colours, and holograms add exciting dynamics to the room. Glittery glass bead wallpapers burst with extravagant glamour. Children are masters of imagination.

Their pictorial patterns pick up on the colourful world of children's imaginations and stimulate their growing minds in a playful manner.

3 445 crazy+sick+man stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

They speak in a language that kids can understand, based on the designers' experience with their own children and the knowledge that the little ones are more sophisticated and discriminating than we might give them credit for. Popular kids motifs are given a new lease of life by adding new colours and pattern structures. In addition, there are many new motifs from a variety of themes like fairy tales, transport and technology, astronomy and space.

Children grasp the world around them through shapes and forms, so geometric patterns play a significant role in children's wallpapers. Extravagant patterned wall treatments and unique effect wallpapers need sufficient room to unfold their potential. That's not only true in terms of wall space, but also in terms of mental space. A feature wall might be the best way to set the scene for large-scale patterns, bright colours and special effects. Depending on the layout of the room, two walls that face each other can be adorned with the same designer wall treatment.

Combining an unusual pattern wallpaper and a matching single-coloured wallpaper can provide interesting contrasts. The very brave might feel inclined to use two different patterned wallpapers in the same room - but it is important to make sure the colours match in order to create some harmony. The music in the background, coupled with the moving graphics actually does make you feel like you are falling into an infinity.

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This one is a xylophone that is very very very rude! So when you do listen to it at work, make sure you have your headphones on. This site scrapes Twitter and displays the number of times a tweet has a homophobic word within it.

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