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You know, the mini-golf level. It was just one part, specifically the hole in which you play as Angelica.

Nerd³ Completes Rugrats: Search for Reptar - 1 - Clown : nerdcubed

I eventually found out that you could actually go in the pyramid. It was a bad idea.

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It started out with a noise. I was creeped out, but curious at the sound.

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I went in further to find out what it was. They will approach you slowly but menacingly. I freaked out. Because the inside of the pyramid was designed like a maze, there were dead ends… with even more Mister Friends. I was starting to panic.

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You have no idea how relieved I was to get out of the place. Tags: Traumafessions. I can't wait for you to play through the ice cream mountain golf courses, the supermarket, the alien spaceship, and the circus. Those were so good. This has happened before, there isn't really a proper fix for it though. EDIT: ok turned out I was wrong, reddit thought the link had already been submitted to this subreddit and because I had the bot configured to not repost a link that has recently been submitted it wasn't posted.

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I have made sure something like this won't happen again. Dan, I would like to point out that there are bonus levels throughout the house as well. The egg basket by the TV has one, the mirror in the parents room has, and there are one or two others. They should be unlocked now that you've completed a mini-game.

Holy crap, I actually played this when I was a kid but whenever I tried to remember it I couldn't for the life of me remember the name or what it really was.

Rugrats: Search for Reptar Cheats

But the second I heard that intro music it all came flooding back. Oh wow haha. I completely forgot how bad the graphics were on this, not how I remember it as a kid lol.

PS1 Longplay: Rugrats Search For Reptar (PAL) Kind of Blind

Also, when Dan said about the McDonald's game, I remember getting a sidescroller power rangers game. Well, this is a turn up for the books Holy shit,this game.

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I couldn't work out why my heart was beating so fast when Dan headed down to the basement and then when I saw the robots I knew I must have been terrified of them as a kid to be honest I'm still scared of them now. The nostalgia levels are so high.

Rugrats Games (Search For Reptar) Appreciation Thread

Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Rugrats: Search for Reptar - 1 - Clown. Remember when Grandpa loses his teeth during a picnic? There was that terrifying goose! Well, once again, Rugrats: Search For Reptar incorporates the episode into a level. Not only do you play as Tommy and Chuckie trying to track down the teeth, you also play through the literal wild goose chase.

Rugrats: Search for Reptar is by far not some genius game. However, it was a game that was a staple in my life during my years of Nickelodeon. I was lucky enough, for some odd reason, to never get rid of this ridiculously nostalgic game.

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It reminds me of a much simpler time for both games and television shows. Emily is just your average twenty something girl who discovered her love for gaming at the age of three or four, all thanks to her older brothers. She has an unhealthy obsession with Pikachu, hoodies, her 3DS, t-shirts, plushies, and purses. She may also fancy herself as an excellent lawyer due to number of times she has played through the Ace Attorney series.