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Vice Mayor. Yolanda Carrillo Council Member.

Riverside County finally replaced a year-old property tax computer

Jacque Casillas Council Member. Wes S peake Council Member. If you own property in the City of Corona or if you are responsible for the payment of a property tax bill, you should be aware of the following:.

An additional rate may be charged to pay principal and interest on voter approved debt. A change in ownership or the completion of new construction throughout the year will result in a change in the assessed value of the property and the issuance of a supplemental property tax bill. The Riverside County Tax Collector is responsible for the preparation and mailing of all property tax bills for the City of Corona. Property tax bills are based on a fiscal year of July through June, and are usually mailed to property owners beginning October 1.

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The first installment, or one-half, is due on or before December 10 and the second installment, or second half, is due on or before April These districts are formed at the request of the property owner usually a developer as a means of financing infrastructure. Bonds are sold and the money from the bonds is used to pay for the required infrastructure within the district. In turn, the property owner agrees to pay principal and interest to the bondholders via annual assessments levied on the property tax bill.

The obligation to pay the bondholders remains with the property as a lien and is passed on to whomever owns the property.

City Property Taxes

The bond issues related to these districts vary in size and term, as do the assessments. All three of the county departments responsible for property taxes, each of which is led by an elected official, are plugged into the new software. In Riverside County, the property tax process starts with the Assessor's Office, which determines the value of all of the property in the county.

The Meaning of CFD on My Property Tax Bill?

The next link in the chain is the Auditor-Controller's Office, which calculates tax rates, so that the final department, the Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office, can collect the taxes. The Assessor's Office does not directly track how many tax processes have been slowed down as a result of the software switch. Call volume in April rose 8. The tax departments field complaints from taxpayers every year, said Peter Aldana, the county's elected Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder. The difference this year, he said, is that staff have to tell constituents that the software transition might slow down how quickly they can resolve their problems.

At the same time, staff have to work toward meeting a major deadline: June 30, the time to close the tax roll so it can go to the Auditor-Controller.

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Maspero later contacted Washington's staff for help and they, in turn, reached out to the Assessor's Office. Maspero said he has not yet received the refund. He said more than the financial impact on his household, the problems with his taxes have worsened his anxiety. Property taxes are a cornerstone of local government finance in California.

enter In Riverside County, the fourth-largest county in the state, the taxes fund schools, cities and special districts. Collecting those property taxes is a monumental task.

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It was an aging system that relied on an aging workforce to keep it running, said Kan Wang, an assistant Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder. Plus, the mainframe had technical limitations. Over the course of years, the tax departments developed ancillary programs and workarounds to make the whole system work, the Assessor's Office staff said.

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  6. Between the mainframe's limitations and the prospect of obsolescence, a replacement was necessary. Around , the three departments responsible for property taxes agreed they needed a fix. The county finally turned on the new software in October Taxpayer complaints sent via email to Supervisors Kevin Jeffries and Washington show that the new software is being blamed for trouble handling a variety of tax exemptions, reductions and exclusions.