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Essentially, any business that has employees needs to obtain one, but depending on such things as the type of tax return you file, you may need one even if you have no employees. Applying is a simple process, usually done online. If you prefer to apply via fax, mail, or telephone, you can do this too.

You can apply for your federal tax ID number here.

Federal Tax ID Lookup: Everything You Need to Know

During the application process, you will be asked to provide basic information including details regarding your business structure or the type of organization you operate, personal information, addresses, and other details relating to your business. Whoever the responsible party is, they will need to have a valid taxpayer identification number such as a social security number to apply.

Once you have completed the online EIN application, you can begin using the number immediately. So, if you are looking to make an electronic payment, file an electronic return or pass an IRS taxpayer identification number TIN matching program, you will need to wait until you are a part of the permanent record. In certain circumstances, you may need to replace your tax ID number. These are situations which affect the structure of your business, such as taking on a partnership or filing for bankruptcy.

Why is an EIN important?

If your business is going through a structural or organizational shift, look into whether applying for a new EIN is right for your circumstances. Once you receive your number, take a moment to write it down.

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If you do lose it or forget it, however, you can call and choose EIN from the list of options. If you are applying for a federal tax ID number with taxes in mind, it may be worth taking a look through some of the following resources:. What you need to do in order to run a mortgage business successfully.

Here's how to figure out if you need a federal employer identification number, and how to apply for one. No Competition? Not Possible!

Prev Article. The U. Internal Revenue Service uses these numbers to: Identify businesses located in the United States and its territories Recognize a business for purposes of tax documentation Identify what business employees filing taxes work for Essentially, any business that has employees needs to obtain one, but depending on such things as the type of tax return you file, you may need one even if you have no employees.


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Before you can open a bank account, apply for a business license or file a tax return, you will be required to obtain a Federal Employee Identification Number FEIN for your business. Not every small business needs a FEIN, but many do. Those who do include:. If you are required to have a Federal Employee Identification Number, there are several ways to apply. Regardless of what method you choose, your number will not be active in the IRS system for two weeks. It might be best to have already done the legwork rather than trying to do it on the fly.

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