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They went on to Holly Springs, Miss. I started in about four weeks and reached Holly Springs, but had left my bed too soon and there had a relapse, and from that time until spring was not able to do any work. I was then moved to Decatur, Ala.

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During all the time I had been with Mr. Thomas I was known by an assumed name, so that my mother would not find out where I was. Croix Falls to Lake Superior and beyond, to the source of the Mississippi. Armstrong, age 50 and Charlotte Armstrong, age 35, of Bayfield. Benjamin Green Armstrong. Also known as: Shaw-Bwaw-Skung or Zhah-bahsh-kung, meaning "the man who goes through. Be sheekee traveled to Washington, D. During his first visit, Be sheekee met with President Millard Fillmore to successfully settle a number of grievances. In , together with Aysh-ke-bah-ke-ko-zhay, another Ojibwa chief, and 14 other Native Americans from Minnesota and Wisconsin, Be sheekee negotiated a land cession treaty.

He belonged to the Loon totem. When Buffalo was about 10 years of age his family removed to the vicinity of the present Buffalo, N.

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His name is signed to the treaties of Prairie du Chien, Wis. Commissioner Manypenny, who was with him when he died, he presented his pipe and tobacco pouch, desiring him to take them to Washington. I have heard many stories related of him when he was young and related by people of his own tribe. They claimed he was a great hunter and the best bow and arrow shot of his time. It was said that in his prime he shot the swiftest arrow of any man then known. His practice was to frequently give his people good advice, more like a father to them than a domineering chief. Aged 96 years.

After some further talk the commissioners left, but I remained with the old veteran until he died. I gave him a decent burial. Calling all parties together we formed a procession and marched to the Catholic cemetery at La Pointe where we laid the old chief to rest. I ordered and placed in position a tombstone at the head of his grave.

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Click here to see a larger version. This site is published by a member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. Click here for more information. BIA record of Benjamin G.

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The details noted in one birth record might include clues for another ancestor. Whittlesey as P. It was here too, that the first election was held, in the spring of , at which time the town of Bayport, which included Ashland and Bay City and all the surrounding county, was organized. It was also the scene of a sad tragedy, when Henry Cross, in self defense, shot and killed Robert D. Boyd in It was also, May 31st, , the birth place of Miss Delia E. Whittlesey, the second white child born in the town, the first birth being that of Katherine Goeltz, early in the same month.

Many other interesting events might be enumerated as belonging to its history, but space forbids.


The first freight ever landed from a steamer in our harbor, was in September, Exsterbrook, brought the household goods of Mr. Whittlesey to Ashland at that time, and they were landed in small boats in the ravine near the foot of Main street. Modska, in the fall of , John W. And here let us state that Ashland was never forsaken by this sturdy veteran pioneer couple. They stood by the place with characteristic German fidelity, king and queen of the deserted village, corner lots and all until the dawn of the new era commenced.

The Indian in his might Roamed monarch of this wild domain, With none to bar his right. Excepting fearless Martin Rhoem. The first government survey of the territory around the head of the bay was made in , when the township lines were run by S. Norris, deputy U. It was not subdivided, however, until The town-site of Ashland, embracing lots 1, 2 and 3, and the N. Succeeding the first settlement above mentioned, the population of Ashland increased quite rapidly.

During the year several families moved in. Among the new corners were Martin Beaser, J. Barclay, Capt. Angus, G. Of these a few remained only a short time, coming merely for temporary purposes. Mandlebaum now a resident of Hancocck, Mich. Hoppenyan, Chas. Day, Geo R. Stuntz, George E. Stuntz, Dr. Edwin Ellis, Martin Roehm, Col. Lysander Cutler, J. Buck, Ingraham Fletcher, Hon. Nelson, Hon.

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  6. Baker, Mrs. Conrad Goeltz, Henry Drixler father of Mrs. Conrad Goeltz, who died in , his being the first death in town , and Henry Palmer. In , Mrs. Beaser now Mrs. James A. Wilson arrived, also Oliver St. Germain and family, still here; Mrs. In , Mr. Eugene F. Prince and family, A.

    Stuntz and family, Wm. Goetzenberger, Geo. Tucker and others arrived. On the 25th of October, , Hon. In Bay City was surveyed and platted, the town-site being owned by a stock company, of which Dr. Edwin Ellis was the agent. Under his direction a large clearing was made, a store, hotel and several substantial buildings created. A saw mill was also commenced, the frame of which is now standing near the east end of the new bridge across Bay Creek creek. During the same year and the next following improvements were being rapidly made in old Ashland. Martin Beaser, Esq. Prince built his present residence, and quite a number of dwellings were put up, several of which are still standing and have been fitted up and occupied, while others have been destroyed or fallen into decay.

    Temporary docks were built both at Bay City and Ashland. Both however were allowed to rot down and wash away.