How to find out motherboard model number

How to check Motherboard model, serial number, using command prompt Tips and tricks

Motherboard models, however, are far easier to forget. Of course, finding out what model your motherboard is can be as simple as opening your case up, as motherboards have their model name printed somewhere on them.

Find Motherboard Model in Linux

This makes getting your model number easy without having to download any additional tools to do so. This will give you information about your computer which is useful when you want to know the minute details of the system. This includes the motherboard brand and model number, which will come in handy here. Viewing System Information is very easy.

How can I find out the Motherboard Model number? - TechRepublic

In this window type msinfo32 and press Enter. The System Information window will appear. The command line can come in use here as well. There are a few different ways to get the motherboard name and model from the command line which makes this a nice way to get the information you want. A terminal should appear.

Why would you want to know the motherboard model?

In this terminal there are a few commands you can try. We all know how secretive Apple is about its hardware specifications and the Mac is no exception to this rule. While there is no way to directly access the stats and specs such as the motherboard model number on the Mac, there is a workaround which will tell you quite a lot about your system.

4 Methods To Find Motherboard Model And Number Of Your PC

The logic boards that are used on Macs are tired of the model or the serial number of the Mac itself. If you simply key in your iMac serial number on this website , you can learn lots of information about your particular Mac system. However, for this, you need to know about the serial number of your Mac.

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Once you have the serial number of your Mac system, just enter it into the website that we mentioned above, and you will be able to preview the information about your Mac including motherboard number, available card slots, etc. You can easily preview all the specifications related to your system, including the motherboard model number using this tool.

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To access it, you can search for the hardinfo package in the Software Center, or you can open it via the Command Line. To open hardinfo from the Command Line, follow these simple steps:. Alternatively, you can use third-party tools such as GPU-G or Ishw-gtk to preview information about your system on Ubuntu as well. You will need to download them from their websites and install them on your system so that you can preview the information related to your motherboard. If you are looking to find the details regarding your PC motherboard then you are in the right place.

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  • Know motherboard model number using Command Prompt.

You can use these methods to check laptop or even any desktop motherboard information. There are various kinds of motherboards each with different usage and output performance. In most of the cases, all the motherboards look same physically but have different usage.

Native Method Find Out Motherboard Model (No 3rd Party tools required)

This is where the model and its number comes into action. Using these details you can determine which type of motherboard you are using and what all are the features you get with it. As the existing motherboard should be compatible with the new update or hardware you should know the details of the motherboard. You can also use the details of the motherboard if you are planning on buying any second-hand hardware or system. This way, with its model and number you can see whether it is worth buying or not as per your requirements.

Here we have mentioned 4 methods with which you can get to know the model number for your desktops or laptops in just a few steps in each method. Here type msinfo This will open the System Information Window.