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He was sent in and out of boot camp and juvenile detention like through a revolving door, and was never given the opportunity to play sports, go to a dance, make quality friends, get a job, graduate from high school or do many other positive teenage things. He was finally released at 18 and lived on his own, but he relocated to Cincinnati a year later because of a shootout.

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He tried to change but went back into the gang life as he cycled in and out of jail again for three more years. Then, Kasey got into fight that ended with the other person dead, and he has been serving a life sentence ever since. Kasey gave full disclosure on his gang and prison history to be transparent with me.

Stigmatize him. I was not scared or disgusted with Kasey, but rather already amazed by how he turned his own life around inside prison — getting his GED, becoming certified in woodworking, landscaping and floor maintenance, reconnecting with his Oglala Sioux roots, and coming to his own faith in God.


I was not scared or disgusted with Kasey, but rather truly honored to be his friend and get to know him from the outside. When we first became pen pals in , I was still a college student in Portland, OR. When I ended up moving to Louisville after graduation, I realized that it was now indeed possible to meet him, but it took seven months for me to apply to be a visitor and get authorization.

In that period, Kasey was then unable to contact me consistently because of lockdowns inside the prison. There were so many opportunities for us to lose contact with each other even more to be unable to meet each other , but here we were on March I talked with Kasey for the entire two hours that were granted to me, though I wanted to spend the entire day with him. This entire criminal in justice system is designed to make people who break laws made by the wealthy appear less than human, as irreconcilable with the rest of society.

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And it marches hand-and-foot with the systems of oppression that the White supremacist, capitalist, setter-colonial state that is the United States rests and relies on to survive. Despite this, I know that Kasey is a beautiful human being. I know that he wants and deserves human connection, family and belonging. I know that he deserves a first chance at his life. I know that his worth and talents are innumerable.

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Simply being around each other and embracing our shared existence was enough. Simply listening to him, spending time with him and appreciating him was enough. Simply loving him was enough.

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Hi Eliza, I am replying on behalf of my son who is in prison an looking for a penpal by snail mail if you are still interested. Regards Susan. Would you be interested or know of someone who would.

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He is serving 5 years, is single and very good looking. Can supply more details and pics if interested. Thanks for reading this and look forward to maybe a reply. Age between 30 and Who could help me? And I live in Holland.


He is due for release late this year. As a prisoner he can only do snail mail. Happy to chat if anyone is looking for a penpal. Hello, I am currently looking for a pen pal or two, here in the UK.