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See the table below to find out what is covered by the Total Plan and Basic Plan. Optional appliance coverage provides home warranty benefits for less common home appliances and systems. With multiple home protection plans, Choice Home Warranty can provide your home with appliance coverage on nearly all of your appliances.

Compare this to the GE warranty, which covers just one item and is limited in scope. Only your new appliances are covered, and GE appliance registration does not necessarily provide additional protection to your appliances. You can protect your appliances as they age with a home warranty from Choice Home Warranty. To cover expensive home appliances and repairs with a home protection plan, get a free quote from Choice Home Warranty by calling Click Here to view complete limits of liability and any exclusions.

CHW offers service contracts which are not warranties. Home appliance insurance, also known as a home warranty, protects you from paying expensive repair and replacement costs on major systems and appliances. Maytag home products include a range of powerful kitchen and laundry appliances and HVAC systems that are built to last.

On the rare occasion that a broken machine derails your daily routine, you need a warranty to cover your Maytag product. If you own a Samsung product or are considering purchasing one, you may be curious if the Samsung warranty provides the best protection for your new item.

If you own this brand of appliances, read on to learn about the Whirlpool warranty and options for warranty coverage after the basic warranty expires. Your appliance probably came with a warranty from the manufacturer, but you might be wondering what coverage is offered or if there are more efficient ways to protect your appliances. How much does a home warranty cost? Find out what a home warranty covers and how much different warranty plans cost.

We found the cheapest home warranty to save House Method readers time and money. Compare the premiums, service fees, and discounts of the top three home warranty plans available today. For your refrigerator, it may soon be time for professional repairs or a replacement under a refrigerator warranty.

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But did you know that there are several types? When you buy a dishwasher, most manufacturers include a warranty plan with the purchase.

Privacy Policy. By: Kristin McClure. Protect Your GE Appliances. Save on repairs with Choice Home Warranty. Get a Free Quote. Save on Home Repairs with a Home Warranty. What to know about GE warranties GE creates products for a wide range of industries that go far beyond the home—just a few include health care, lighting, aviation, nuclear power, and renewable energy. GE Products Refrigerators Freezers Ice makers Microwaves Dishwashers, disposers, and trash compactors Washers and dryers, including space-saving units Ranges, as well as range hoods and vents Cooktops Wall ovens Warming drawers Advantium ovens Replacement water filters Water softeners Water filtration systems Residential air conditioners Dehumidifiers Home generators.

Here are a few example warranties for GE appliances: GE refrigerator warranty A GE refrigerator warranty is a limited one-year warranty on any refrigerator part that fails due to material or workmanship defects, including labor and related costs. Your warranty may also include: A day water filter cartridge replacement and coverage for related parts.

A five-year warranty that includes any part of the sealed refrigerating system compressor, condenser, evaporator, and connecting tubing , as well as labor and parts A limited additional seven-year warranty, which protects the sealed refrigerating system parts A lifetime warranty for the full extension slides See a sample GE refrigerator warranty here. GE washing machine warranty GE washing machines have a limited one-year warranty on any factory part that is faulty due to material or workmanship defects, along with a year motor warranty.

Your warranty may also include these features: Two years after the purchase date, parts are covered, but labor is not. Three to five years after the purchase date, the suspension rod, spring assembly, and main electronic control board are covered. A rusted washer lid or cover replacement is also included.

Two to 10 years after the purchase date, the outer tub and transmission or Harmony washer Direct Drive are covered. Three to 10 years after the purchase date, the outer tab or driven pulley on a front-loading washer is covered. Lifetime warranty on the basket or inner wash basket. GE dryer warranty This product has only a limited one-year warranty that covers all defected parts, including labor and related service costs. What is GE appliance registration? What appliances can be registered?

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Some of the major GE appliances that can be registered online include: Dishwashers Washing machines Dryers Freezers Microwaves Stovetop ranges Smaller appliances like miniature fridges. How long does product registration last?

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How do I contact GE about my warranty? GE extended warranty An extended warranty is a service contract that you can purchase outside of your standard GE warranty. GE dishwasher problems Some of the most common issues noted by GE dishwasher owners are leaking, the handle coming off, and the door not staying shut. Home warranty coverage for GE appliances A home warranty is not the same as home insurance or a product warranty. A home warranty provides repair services for all brands of appliances. Manufacturer warranties provide service for only their brand, such as GE appliances.

Appliances are covered under one product with one annual fee. Being able to pay one convenient annual fee makes protecting your major appliances convenient. Homeowners are safeguarded from unplanned repair bills. Unexpected failure of major appliances means costly repair bills. Most home warranties require only a small service fee for appliance repairs or replacements.

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Damage from regular wear and tear is covered. The GE warranty only covers repairs and replacements caused by defective workmanship or materials. Only a new GE appliance is covered under the limited warranty. Home warranties cover the cause of damages not covered with insurance. If your freezer goes out and leaks water across your kitchen floor and into the basement, your home insurance may cover the structural repairs of your home.

Your freezer that caused the damage is likely not covered. A home warranty may be able to replace the freezer where your insurance did not. What to look for in your home warranty company Choosing a home warranty company is an important step in getting the most out of your protection plan. When looking for a home warranty company, verify your provider can offer these important features: Efficient professional appliance repairs —Appliances have a habit of breaking when we need them most. You need a warranty company that provides quick, expert service to get your appliance up and running again.

Coverage for all major appliances —Choose a home warranty company that covers the appliances you rely on most.

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Friendly local professionals —You want to feel confident that the service providers entering your home are trustworthy and experienced. Make sure your warranty company works with local, trained professionals to service your appliances. Affordable service calls —Home warranties are supposed to save you money on expensive appliance repairs.

A warranty that has expensive service call fees may not be saving you much money in the long run. Top-rated company —Take the time to research top-rated home warranty companies. You want to work with a company that has great customer feedback. Manufacturer service centers, such as GE appliances customer service, may not provide the friendly customer experience you expect from a highly rated company. Life is busy. From carpooling kids to after-school activities to managing a full-time workload or household, it can be hard to find time Read more.

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We currently have multiple openings for Appliance Service Technicians in locations across the country. Learn more. Sears Home Services Repair Call to book: Finland To improve your experience on this site, please share your location. Select appliance. Schedule now. Schedule now or call Brands we repair No matter where you bought it, we can fix it.

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Appliance service guarantee Sears Home Services provides quality repair services to help extend the life of your appliances. Great service. So far it is still working! Dishwasher Service Call. Very satisfied.