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Does that seem like a reasonable visitation request?

Cordell & Cordell understands the concerns men face during divorce.

What do I do? And who ever does this should have their heads examined—including the infamous Family Legal System in our country. Some states sadly our worse than others. Children thrive with both good fit parents intheir lives no matter what the marital situation is.

This has been proven over an over. The Family Legal System does not take into consideration the best interest for the child —nor do they no or care…And you ever heard the screams of a child that misses her Father—I have and it is heart wrenching beyond words.

I am a woman and this is absolutely disgusting for a mother to take a child thousands of miles away from the father they adore. Sadly, this happens all the time and it should stop…. I have never responded to a comment before but I felt the need to this time. First I am sorry that you have had such a bad experience in your life with this particular subject. Yes the studies are out there about children having problems in their life time if both parents are not consistently involved in their lives, but I think it has to be looked at on a case by case basis.

I honestly feel that the greater damage has alraedy been done and certainly the verbal abuse and fighting when we were married had to stop, I had to stop it. But as a mother and the primary care giver sometimes we have to make those very difficult dicisions. It is exhausting and extremely stressful to have to work 2 jobs, try to pay down the large-post divorce debt I was left with my ex did not appear on any of the major loans we had when we were married and they became my responsibility to pay off and have no family to help with my daughter btw my ex lives 2 hrs away.

I have done this for almost a year now and nothing I do seems to be helping. I think what is most important is that you provide and promote a safe, consistent and loving relationship for your child with everyone in their lives. I have allowed my faith in God to lead me in my decisions reguarding my daughter and so far she has come out of a very difficult divorce pretty well, she is healthy, happy and thriving.


The decision to relocate will also be challenging but in the end it will all work out, as long as the adults in her life are ok. Thank you.

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What if the mother moves the child out of state, promising the father visitation whenever he wants, but then when the father cannot afford to visit as often as he can he is sole earner in his family and has other children the mother gets angry and wants to take father to court to get full custody? The father is not abusive in any way, he is just trying to now cope with having his daughter living over a thousand miles away.

I just want to hear from people with similar cases and how they favored in the end. Please no wise cracks I am not looking for legal advise just want to hear from similar scenarios. I am in the same boat. They got divorced in Texas. I am getting ready for a full-out legal battle!!! The one thing that might sway the judge is that he has been arrested twice. If anybody has anymore suggestions, Please help out in this matter!!! He has not worked or given support since He still kept his physical custody.

In June he could not pay rent. He called one morning and said he was moving that day to another state. Can I get sole physical custody? My ex has moved acrossed the country to California. I have the children. My current husband just got a job in Alabama. I pay for half the travel expenses when my ex chooses to have his visitations. Does he have a say in where we live, if he moved acrossed the country and left the children? My husband took his daughters mom to court so he could finally had a relationship with her after all the failed verbal agreements.

The legal dilemma of relocating after a divorce

I live in Alaska and my soon to be ex wife wants to move to Oregon with our 9 month old daughter.. I have made Many mistakes in our marriage.. She is only moving to hurt me and get me less time with my daughter.. In a recovering alcoholic who Has been clean now 6 months and I do regular random alcohol test for my x.. When I got to see her it will be a minimum of with flight and car and hotel… I pay her a month as it is plus for daycare.. I want to be apart of my little girls life more than anything and my x does bot care at all..

Any suggestions??

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  5. I live in California, my ex and I had one child together and we currently have an order placed for support. Im the custodial parent and recently had a baby with my new boyfriend we r not married and another on the way. My son and I live now with my new boyfriend and our babies. He works and I receive unemployment, how will this change the current child support if This gets modified? In Dec , in NY I was granted sole custody of my 3 year old daughter because her biological father never showed up to court, and granted permission to move to FL. I have lived in FL for 9 months and have a very stable life, am married, and also have another child with my husband thats 4 months old.

    California Hotels and Places to Stay

    My daughters father still lives in NY and stopped paying his child support of dollars a month a month ago. He has no job, no vehicle and lives with his mother who has drug problems. I was told he was going to try to get visitation on my daughter recently. Which state would he and I have to go through?

    What are the guidelines for my husband to adopt her? Not to worry hon, He has to file in Florida and with what you have written you could request supervised visits in FL, she doesnt know him and the best interest would serve as he would need to bond with her but only under supervision.

    MN Child Custody - Moving Children Within The State

    Have your support case transferred to FL and file for a change of venue another words have your case turned to Fl for them to handle all interest of the child. I have a 3 year old son, his father and I were never married. We have been separated for 2 years. We have never filed for child support or custody with the court before. His father is chronically unemployed, never paid child support or helped out financially in anyway.

    He jumps from girlfriend to girlfriend and has just recently moved 2 hours away out of state and expects me to pay traveling expenses to facilitate his relationship with our son. There is no visitation order in effect. I am married now and pregnant with baby number 2 and my husband and I both have just been offered a job in Nebraska that will greatly improve our financial situation.

    Moving to Nebraska and getting these jobs will enable me to go back to school and finish my degree, pay for my sons education, get my husband off disability and hopefully get us off of state aid completely as we are currently now in a very low income brackett and struggling to make ends meet. We also have family in Nebraska that are willing to help us make the transition, provide babysitting and a better family dynamic as we have no family nearby our current residence that we are in regular contact with. I know my sons father will not give me consent to make this move.

    At this point, the longer we stay in IL which his father doesnt even live in this state anymore the longer we struggle to provide what my son deserves. What would happen to me if i moved my son to NE without filing for a leave of removal? How long would it take to get permission from a judge if i did file and wait to move? What are the chances that a judge would deny my request to move and improve our lives? I believe that you can just go if you want. You can always call the court to ask a question. I have done that numerous times. Hope that this helps. In Florida my Fiance has custody of his child we are going to be married in a few months.

    He has just gottin a job offer in Alaska that pays nearly , a year. The job market her is very bad. He has had to go on food stamps and medicaid. The mother is ordered to pay child support but never has. She gets every other weekend and most of the summer. She lives in a small hotel room where the child stays when with her on the weekends. She lets her boyfriends stay there with her as well. Their has been a few months where she didnt get her child at all on her weekends. My question is do you think a judge would approve this move? We could fly the child to her mom for the summer break if need be.

    What if i was looking to move out of NY to CT with my kids because my boyfriends job is out there and it would better my family but my sons father is telling me i cant leave the state? Would i have to go to court? Would a judge tell me i couldnt move? My daughter was raised knowing my youngest daughters father was also her father as he came in her life wrung she was barely 1. The biological dad came back to Ohio when my daughter was just turning 6 its been. Non stop battle with this, he finally got on a schedule less than 6mnths with a steady visitation then he up and moved to Vegas with his new wife and her children, after 6mnths again no contact he comes in with more fight, the court ordered to fly my almost 7 yr old daughter to Vegas and ordered me to initiate contact 2 days of the week, she flew out 2 weeks….

    Are the court systems serious? No opportunities, living with my mom who is very limited n tight. So how can the court say if leave state he gets custody???? Any thought?